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are you single

No. I have a girlfriend named Kris Quesnel and she’s so damn beautfiul.

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Do you have instagram by any chance?! >.< I like your pictures, i like what you do.

Yes it’s @vanessasaccone

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hey, just curious, i really like androgynous/boyish clothes, so can you give some tips for dressing androgynously and maybe a few of the places where you get your clothes (like that tank top you're wearing in the post about not dressing to make people comfort). you've got great style and great photos, so thanks!

I work at a store called Boathouse which would kind of be like Zumiez if you’re an American. The men’s section is really great haha.
Tips hmm I’m not sure what to say. I usually just shop in the men’s section. I try to buy clothes that fit me properly because although I do dress masculine I still would like to look classy haha.
Experiment with what makes you feel comfortable !

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ok, so youre like, really fuckin cute, seriously, wow, ok, by now

Thank you very much :)

Anonymous asked:
Hey man, lately I've been very confused about my gender. I know you consider yourself androgynous and I was wondering how you figured it out? If you have any advice on trans ftm stuff it would be extremely helpfull! :o

I am not trans so I can’t speak for people that are.
As for the androgynous I just tried things out. Tried a different clothing style, changed the way I thought a little. Androgyny is a way of life. I made it my life

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you are quite literally the most gorgeous person I've ever seen, and by the sounds of it, you've got a pretty beautiful mind as well :)

This is so sweet aw thank you :)

My mothers friend sat me down and told me that If I was her daughter she would make me change the way I dress. She said that parents of the lgbtq youth can be as supportive as they can but it doesn&#8217;t change the way a lot of narrow minded people think about us and our sexuality and gender. Not everyone is going to be understanding. For my safety she recommended I start dressing more feminine and let my hair grow out.

I looked at her straight in the face and said in the most genuine and respectful way, &#8220;Camille, this is a dangerous planet we live on and there are some disgusting people. But I&#8217;m not changing the way I look for the comfort of others. If I&#8217;m going to get the life beaten out of me for looking the way I do then so be it but this is me and I&#8217;m not changing.&#8221;

I can understand falling out of love. I get that growing apart happens. But as soon as you cheat, all respect is lost.

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